Learning: Portrait & Figure Sculpture
From Clay to Bronze: A Studio Guide to Figurative Sculpture by Tuck Langland – Paperback: 208 pages; Watson-Guptill; 1st edition (Nov1, 1999)

Going beyond theory straight to hands-on practice, this studio workbook is devoted to the creation of a large, realistic bronze figure, from initial studies through the complex processes of enlarging, modeling, molding, casting, and finishing. First the book deals with preparing the clay, building the armature, developing the figure study, and enlarging it. Then casting is explored, plaster waste, flexible molds, systems of lost-wax casting, metal chasing, welding, mounting, and patinas. Tips on the maintenance and restoration of bronze sculpture are included.

Sculpture, Principles and Practice by Louis Slobodkin – Dover Publications, (Jun 1, 1973)

This authoritative introduction to sculpture covers forms of sculpture, how to construct an armature, build a model stand, carving, much more. Invaluable for beginner but skilled sculptors will find its broad scope useful. "Instruction and appreciation become one in this book." 253 illustrations. —School Arts.

Mold Making, Casting and Patina by Bruner Felton Barrie, Barbara Johnson (Illustrator) – A.B.F.S. Publishing; (Aug 1992)

An excellent beginner's book for those who want to make molds, and/or casts in plaster and rubber, but have no prior experience. Format designed to make the text easy to read with step-by-step instruction on all phases of the mold making, casting and patina process. First edition publication with 116 pages of instruction and over 200 photos and line drawings of specific methods and procedures for any mold making and casting project clearly showing everything needed to make exacting casts of original pieces of sculpture. The text also includes guidance in the repair of casts, as well as mounting for display, and the art of patina or coloring. Includes appendices on mixing procedures for plaster, troubleshooting, general information on gypsum products, enlarging, bronze casting. Charts on proportional requirements of materials, weights and measures, and a glossary of terms are also provided. Recommended for the novice sculptor, mold maker and caster.

Modeling the Head in Clay by Bruno Lucchesi, Margit Malmstrom – Paperback: 160 pages; Watson-Guptill; Reprint edition (Apr 1, 1996)

Renowned contemporary sculptor Bruno Lucchesi takes a single life-size head through all the stages of rough in, modeling, refining the surface, and finishing and texturing, enabling the reader to see exactly how he positions and models every detail. The book demonstrates not just highlights of the creative process, but every step from beginning to end.

Figure Sculpture in Wax and Plaster by Richard McDermott Miller, Gloria Bley Miller (Editor) – Paperback: 176 pages; Dover Publications (Jun 1, 1987)

Step-by-step guide to materials and tools, modeling in wax and plaster, hollow wax modeling, plaster molds, and much more. Introduction. The beginning artist will find the step-by-step instructions . . . to be like having a personal tutor. 281 photographs.

Portrait Sculpture Simplified by Heidi Maiers – Edition: CD-ROM

From the author: Portrait Sculpture Simplified is a complete instructional course encompassing all of the tips, techniques, and tricks I've learned over the past 20 years through both formal academic instruction and practical trial and error. You will save countless hours of frustration and "learning curve" because I have already been through the process and will guide you toward the most simplified, effective techniques. In numerous areas I have included valuable information that has never been taught in school or found in print. Some of the topics covered include:

• Materials - what you need to know to get started.
• Proportions - rules to look for in every head.
• Modeling - rules and step by step demonstrations of each
• Drying and Firing - how to prepare for firing. No hollowing
   required, learn to dry out the piece quickly, easily, and
• Patinas - several step by step demonstrations of metallic,
   wax, and fired glaze finishes.
• Mold Making - demonstration of making rubber flexible
   molds and rigid molds.
• Casting - in bonded bronze and other materials.
• Base Making and Mounting - make a base, mount, and
   photograph your finished piece.

The techniques I've developed over the years produce consistent and reliable results in half the time it would take if using traditional methods.

Over 350 color illustrations are included.

The Portrait in Clay by Peter Rubino – Watson-Guptill (Nov 1997)

A master sculptor demonstrates how an artist can use thoughts and feelings combined with technique to produce evocative portraits in clay. Peter Rubino, who has achieved wide acclaim for his portrait busts of great sports figures, uses line drawings, illustrations, and running commentary to show how the sculptors hands and tools create a portrait likeness. 20 color and 250 b&w illustrations.

Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure by Edouard Lanteri – Dover Publications; (Oct 1, 1985)

Reader review: This seminal work on figure sculpting has been a standard reference for both students and teachers of fine sculpture for almost two generations. Lanteri goes beyond typical systematic instruction for recreating anatomical form and demistifies techniques for infusing one's work with the humanity that will elevate it to the level of true sculpture. It is a text that is worth reading from cover to cover as it essentially encompasses a four year course in fine sculpture. It is also valuable as a reference for materials, anatomy and basic technique.

Methods for Modern Sculptors by Ronald D. Young – Paperback: 292 pages; Sculpt-Nouveau; Bk&Access edition (Jun 1987)

Patinas for Silicon Bronze by Patrick V. Kipper – Hardcover: 225 pages; Path Publications; 1st edition (Aug 1996)

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