Contemporaries: Mary Whyte
We the People: Portraits of Veterans in America by Mary Whyte – Hardcover: 128 pages; University of South Carolina Press (Oct 23, 2019) Best Seller

We the People is not only a tour across and through these vast United States, it is a tour through the heart and soul, the duty and the commitment of the people who protect not only our Constitution and our country but our very lives. We can only be deeply grateful, inspired, and humbled by all of them.

Working South: Paintings and Sketches by Mary Whyte, Martha Severens (Foreword) – Paperback: 128 pages; University of South Carolina Press (Jan 31, 2011)

In Working South, renowned watercolorist Mary Whyte captures in exquisite detail the essence of vanishing blue-collar professions from across ten states in the American South with sensitivity and reverence for her subjects. From the textile mill worker and tobacco farmer to the sponge diver and elevator operator, Whyte has sought out some of the last remnants of rural and industrial workforces declining or altogether lost through changes in our economy, environment, technology, and fashion.

More Than a Likeness: The Enduring Art of Mary Whyte by Mary Whyte, Martha R. Severens – Hardcover: 264 pages; University of South Carolina Press; 1st edition (Aug 29, 2013)

First comprehensive book on the life and work of one of today's most renowned watercolorists. From Whyte's earliest paintings in rural Ohio and Pennsylvania, to the riveting portraits of her southern neighbors, historian Martha R. Severens provides us with an intimate look into the artist's private world.

Alfreda's World by Mary Whyte – Hardcover: 80 pages; Wyrick & Company (Apr 1, 2003)

Artist Mary Whyte moved with her husband to a small South Carolina barrier island 10 years ago and quite by accident met a group of senior citizens who were making quilts in a small abandoned church. Longtime residents of Johns Island and descendants of slaves, this extraordinary group of African American women changed Whyte's life and paintings in astonishing and unexpected ways.

Mastering Watercolor Portraiture with Mary Whyte by Mary Whyte – Interweave Press Inc (May 26, 2010)

Take this master class with expert watercolorist Mary Whyte! Well known watercolorist Mary Whyte takes you inside her studio to paint a watercolor portrait from start to finish.

Watercolor for the Serious Beginner: Basic Lessons in Becoming a Good Painter by Mary Whyte – Paperback: 144 pages; Watson-Guptill (Jul 1, 1997)

Develop from a serious beginner into a dedicated professional artist. This book speaks to readers who have a strong desire to become accomplished watercolorists. Even if you've never tried the medium before, if you're committed to learning, you will soon discover how to achieve the luminous effects found in the paintings throughout these pages.

Painting Portraits and Figures in Watercolor by Mary Whyte – 160 pages; Watson-Guptill; original edition (Dec 6, 2011) Best Seller

Using clear and concise language and in-depth, step-by-step demonstrations, author and renowned artist Mary Whyte guides beginning and intermediate watercolorists through the entire painting process, from selecting materials to fundamental techniques to working with models.

Down Bohicket Road: An Artist's Journey by Mary Whyte, Angela D. Mack (Foreword) – Paperback: 152 pages; University of South Carolina Press (Nov 29, 2012)

Artist Mary Whyte's Down Bohicket Road includes two decades worth of watercolors--depicting a select group of Gullah women of Johns Island, South Carolina, and their stories. In 1991, following Whyte's recovery from a year of treatment for cancer, she and her husband moved to a small sea island near Charleston, seeking a new home where they could reinvent themselves far removed from the hectic pace of Philadelphia. In this remote corner of the South, Whyte first met Alfreda LaBoard and her devoted group of seniors who gathered weekly to make quilts, study the Bible, and socialize in a small rural church on Bohicket Road. Descendants of lowcountry slaves, these longtime residents of the island influenced Whyte's life and art in astonishing and unexpected ways.

An Artist's Way of Seeing by Mary Whyte – Paperback: 108 pages; ReadHowYouWant; [Large Print] edition (Jul 15, 2013)

Artist Mary Whyte has learned many lessons over the years - lessons about art and, perhaps more important to her, lessons about life. In this book, she uses specific illustrations from her training, her teaching, her travels and her mentors to show the reader how to see and how to appreciate the artist's experience.

Watercolor Portraits of the South with Mary Whyte by Mary Whyte – Interweave Press (Oct 24, 2011)

Step into best-selling artist Mary Whyte's studio and be a part of the life behind the acclaimed artist's work. Discover all that goes into Mary's impactful artwork with a look at her full approach to creating a piece including highlights from her painting process.

Artist's Way Of Seeing by Mary Whyte – Hardcover: Gibbs Smith (2005)

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