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Why include home and lifestyle magazines in an art bookstore focused on portraiture?

Well, in the years I managed a portrait artist, we regularly advertised in home and lifestyle several magazines. Unfortunately, since my last update of this section, many of the Home & Lifestyle magazines are no longer published.

By far the best results were from the sadly now-defunct Southern Accents. Second best was Veranda. We also tried the others starred below. We did get results, but discontinued all but Southern Accents and Veranda because their results far exceeded all other publications.

Advertising in your local city magazine could potentially help develop a relationship with your local audience. We advertised in Tampa Bay Magazine and that brought invitations to local events, including an exhibition at the Tampa museum. Commissions from local ads were slim, but enough to justify continuing.

. If you're considering advertising in a magazine, bear in mind several things.
  • Ask if they have a regional rate, which can save quite a lot and possibly be just as productive.
  • Ask about the agency discount. If you handle your own ad rather than going through an ad agency, you are usually eligible for a 15% agency discount.
  • A commitment to advertising in multiple issues will also get you a better rate. Typically, one should plan on advertising at least 3 times.
= advertised here when I managed a portrait artist
Conde Nast

Veranda Magazine is a stylish, eye-pleasing entertainment and decorating magazine featuring informative articles and great ideas for your home. Each monthly issue of the magazine addresses historic and geographic influences on the art of interior design, with an international orientation. If you enjoy aesthetic design, fine cuisine, and the best things in life Veranda Magazine is for you.

Portrait artists have advertised here in the past. Seems to reach a slightly less affluent clientele than Southern Accents did even though their demographic reports might show otherwise. In my experience, closing ratio is less than SA, but still worthwhile for good portraitists. —C. Daniel

San Diego Home / Garden Lifestyles San Diego Home/Garden

A creative guide to San Diego lifestyles.

Art & Antiques
Conde Nast

Art & Antiques provides collectors and connoisseurs with news and information on trends in the art market, as well as auction reports, profiles of personalities, and in-depth features on specific works, periods, artists, cultural trends, and events.

Sometimes portrait artists advertise here. I've heard of artists getting results, but it might take longer. —C. Daniel

Architectural Digest
Conde Nast

Architectural Digest brings you beautiful photography of architectural masterpieces from around the world, from the traditional to the cutting-edge. This monthly magazine features sections on antiques, travel, automobiles, home decor, and available real estate. Architectural Digest succeeds in capturing a variety of styles and designs in each issue, from sleek contemporary to colorful folk art treasures.

Sometimes portrait artists advertise here. There seems to be some results, but not as much as Southern Accents (now defunct) and Veranda and perhaps more over a period of time. —C. Daniel

Town & Country
Hearst Magazines

Town & Country is targeted to affluent readers who are interested in a wide variety of topics. Articles in this monthly magazine regularly feature art, architecture and design, fashion and beauty, as well as significant coverage of public service concerns and philanthropic issues.

Sometimes portrait artists advertise here. Results are very questionable even though they seem to reach an affluent market. —C. Daniel

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles
Esteem Media

Atlanta's premier lifestyle magazine featuring the area's most beautiful homes, innovative interior design, decorating and remodeling trends, lush gardens, art and architecture, entertaining ideas, and more.

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles
Wiesner Publishing

Colorado's finest and favorite source for exquisite homes, art and architectural trends, innovative design and remodeling ideas, the best shopping resources, entertaining tips and more. Discover the very best of Colorado living.

Robb Report
Curt Co. Publishing LLC

The Robb Report is an American, English-language, luxury-lifestyle magazine featuring products — including automobiles, real estate and watches — for affluent buyers.


Published by the Smithsonian Institution, Smithsonian magazine regularly covers topics such as Americana, natural history, art, music, and contemporary society. The magazine also include photo essays and in-depth articles highlighting current Smithsonian museum exhibits.

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